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This is adorable! Love the dancing room. :-)


I believe in aliens now. You have shattered my old belief system, putting my life in disarray. My relationship with my parents has been ruined.



dis is god game 5/5

alien caseno changd my lyf

that fountain head tho

Amazing game! Can't wait to see what ya'll have in store. 10/10 ^-^


Wonderful game, got a few laughs out of us!

One of the funniest games i've played recently, great job haha :D

So there's obviously not too much content present here, but I really love the aesthetic and the overall feel of the space you've made here. It's just so overwhelmingly cute and positive...

I really hope you expand upon this, or add some more content, because this is just exceedingly lovable.


Although Alien Caseno is obviously a demo or a working build of a game, but I really had fun investigating and exploring the world you created!

The aliens are all distinctive, the controls feel great and the wackiness of the environment fits in perfect to the overall game.

Of course, I wish the game was more fleshed out in that you can interact with the aliens and whatnot, but for what it is, you should be proud of what you made.

Looking forward to anything else you may put out in the future! I made a Let's Play of Alien Caseno, let me know what you think!

love the funny atmosphere. it reminds me of a tv show i saw some time back, but i cannot remember what it was called.

I really loved the comedy style of this game, twas a bit short, but it was still awesome


thanks 4 the vid friend :^)

Weird but nice :)

thanks iwan!! *_*

I liked this game, the comedy was really on point. I also made a video on it


lovely video! thank you :^0 <3


Really good game! I can't find the alien guide tho and it would be really fun if u could: interact with people and other things like slot machines. A third person mode! That would make this game even more awesome! :D online mode, i guess this would need a lot more work and it'd take a while. D: But keep up the good work! A 3/5 i'd say.

The best! No-glitches-here-friend was my favourite I think.


not god

Funny game. Would be nice to ride around on the shuttle. Nice Work! Can't find your Alien pdf thing but my favorite Alien was the one that looked like a water melon bc it looked yummy.


thanks! that's mambo and mambo does not like to be eaten. the PDF is a seperate download at the bottom of the download list. i appreciate u playing!


Links to optional files don't usually show up in the itch client, so you gotta open this page in your web browser to download the PDF.

Yeah I am in the Itch launcher, thanks for the info~


This game is hilarious. I chased a UFO around a fountain and went to a bar.


beautiful, stylish, funny game, reminds me of such giants as Bernband and Wilbler Park

doug is a great doug fixer. gets all those dougs right out of the game.

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