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Humans are weird!


Epic Caseno

Deleted 135 days ago

this was a fantastic commenting

Feel goud in it, don't wanna leav... thenks!


so i played this game it was really fun to play and i really like the graphics. the only bad thing  about it is that i copyrighted! but other than that i was able to find a place were you could get stuck! HAHA! well i hope you can check out my youtube channel and maybe subscribe?!

I love alien



hII i love you, ty for all the games you madee

i can't express how much i love your frog detective series, you give me back my lost serotonin 

This was such a cute little game! I love space/aliens, so I really enjoyed walking through the casino!

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 09:56 (The 2nd Game)


A simple exploration game. I would like to see simple interactive features, this is a well-made game. Fun.

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My mum loves this game.


Similar to Fish Market, this is a simple, cosmic exploration game. The variety of aliens you can come across is fun and all the signs in every room that tell you what Earthlings get into in a casino is funny to read. They were probably the best part of the game! I did happen to find an alien I particularly enjoyed. He hung from the chandelier with a goofy grin on his face, as if he were hiding from the player. 

Again, I would like to see simple interactive features, but overall, for what it is and is meant to be, this is a well-made game.

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It would be great if the bus actually went somewhere, at least showed you as you flew away and then closed the game.

Of course, the Unity factor made me take away a star, but 4 stars is great none the less.

Spaghetti slots

please explain?

The explanation is in the game


I think that the concept is original and hilarious! The game made me smile a few times, it's cute and funny. 5/5 would recommend!

Had to change the music because of lame copyright but oh man did we have some fun in that room!


J'ai trouvé ce bijou, j'y ai joué et j'ai déconné solide. Quel endroit mythique!

It's a nice showcase

PS. i loved the graphics quality choices ;)

I looooove this game !When I'm scared about death,I play at this game and every fhing becaume PERFECT !!!
*sorry if I write like a pig,I am french...

It's cute but there's not really much to do besides jumping around and looking at stuff. Very short as well.


I really like this! I usally get sad in the nighttimes but after playing this I feel great. Thanks. It's really cute :)

thank you!! i’m glad to hear it made you happy :-) <3

Awesome game! Had  a genuinly good time!


I spent SO LONG in that dance room lol.

Can you actually play casino games?

That was SO pleasant. Thanks for sharing your work :)

Bona Petit is my new best friend. Thanks ! 


its cute


Not much to the game. But it was still kind of fun.


This game is Trash


ended up making a video with this game being the first one on the list! really enjoyed the exploration and I hope you make more cool and unique experiences like this one in the future!

1.306.264.210 /Out of 10

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This is adorable! Love the dancing room. :-)


I believe in aliens now. You have shattered my old belief system, putting my life in disarray. My relationship with my parents has been ruined.



dis is god game 5/5

alien caseno changd my lyf

that fountain head tho

Amazing game! Can't wait to see what ya'll have in store. 10/10 ^-^


Wonderful game, got a few laughs out of us!

One of the funniest games i've played recently, great job haha :D

So there's obviously not too much content present here, but I really love the aesthetic and the overall feel of the space you've made here. It's just so overwhelmingly cute and positive...

I really hope you expand upon this, or add some more content, because this is just exceedingly lovable.

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