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Cute Lil game

This was a fun play, really quirky and cute game. 


i absolutely adored this cute lil game. this will be my daily dose of serotonin. thank you!

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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 04:43 (The 2nd Game)

This was awesome. The bad grammar made it so much better. Keep up the great work!

that was cute and good

Cute game! The game I never knew I needed in my life! That ending had me speechless! Great game developer! What's next?  

I always wanted to journey with a scary entourage to a Halloween party. Perfecto.

This game was super adorable. I love the art style. I will definitely be playing Grace's other games!

This was beautiful...


good job

This is the best game.

i loved the game but felt at times the audio was not balanced! i do not know if it was done on purpose but still 10/10

best game I have ever played 



love it btw


10/10 spoop sim

loved it

Excuse me it's me the Beach Boy this infringes my copyrights.

(thanks for making a Linux version)

Funny little game for Halloween, i liked it xD

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I played your game (starts at 2:05) And it was very very funny and I liked the cool ending. :D

TIME TO DO THE MONSTER MASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10/10 On core gameplay. The characters were deep and interesting, and the ending had me in tears. Brilliant game, from a brilliant mind.

I did a snazzy Let's Play, if you could give it a look. One video on the fabulous game that changed my life forever.

The gameplay kind of confused me, but the end was legit. 


GRACE. This is a perfect game.

I loved it, especially at the end. Thank You.


I love you Grace!