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What inspired you to create such genius?

im unable to interact with anything i can just roam

Hai! I just wanted to say that this game "Not really a game" Intoduced me to playing on PC. Yes it was a little bit creepy but yeah Thankyou :3 

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Played it recently, it's very cute and a great idea for a short game. I like the variety of sea animals and products being sold. I'm excited to see what else you have made!

something was fishy about those vendors, so i didn't buy anything. great game otherwise

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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 00:10 (The 1st Game)

um so ye alt f4 didn't work... i figured it out tho...
but really how does alt f4 not work

just try the windows butto

This looks like a good game


I loved this little gem, it was funny and full of life. What a cute little project. Consider watching the video where I play this game first, and show off just how wonderful it really is! Thanks for the game!

10/10 would buy fish food again


A very simple, cute and colorful game! All the little fishy puns and purposeful misspellings just added to the charm! Exploration games are becoming a trend and this one, while short, is a wonderful addition to a new style of gaming. I can see both children and adults enjoying walking around a virtual fish market under the sea. I do, however, would like more interactive features be added if possible in the future, such as being able to buy the items being sold. Maybe even having simple conversations with fish?


Love it and When i got close to were they where playing music i could not help myself start dancing!! <3 <3


so nice, i want to hug the fish!!!

What's not to love about this cute game? It's so sweet and fun to play! I do wish there were more things to do like buying items but I had a blast just walking around and seeing the fish market!


A fun little wander!  Nice job on it, good puns, very cute. 


I like little exploration games like this where you can walk around and just see what the creator put in and hid

100% with you there. 




Very fishy. Many fine products.


super educational, 100% get for you're kid if you want them toknow all about the sea


im loving the puns, this game is hecking cute!!

lol love the video!

Love it, everything in it is adorable, and puns everywhere


I just wanna say..

I found your picture in the game

excellent  easter egg 10.5/10


hehheheeh yesssssssss <3


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it looked great and the puns were awesome! I made a let's play of your game here-


Hi, puns are so bad they are good. Please add a bit of interactivity to this experience, that would really make it great! 3D models look cute and silly, I like it - it fits the game with puns. Jumping on things is fun!


how do u interact i am dumb :(


This game is so pure, simple and adorable, I love it so much! ;v;


I can't believe I've gone this long with out playing your game. It is perfect, you have a great sense of humor

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oooow ......., this game is very cool and cute and...,...,... if this the first 3D modelling to the maker then you are very good at it..... but i think it will be more good if the fish can take the thing that i want or eat you know ....... but any way it was very good game


I LOVE IT!!! all the puns are so clever and the animals are SO CUTEEEE!!!! (unless im dumb and cant find how to) the only bad thing i can say about it is that you cant interact (if thats how you spell it lol) with anything like get terrys lil autograph or stuff :( apart from that its am amazing game!!1

Really cute , I actually laughed at the vengaboys part.

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I love the colors and the angular toony 3D style. More of it please.

Extremely intense and action packed. When i saw the puffer fish by the balloons, i almost had a heart attack. The amazing puns kept me on my feet, and the sea band kept the mood. The drama and intense story never bore you, and the graphics are next-gen. Worthy of a triple A title. A must buy for any serious gamer.


you're completely right. probably the most accurate review i've ever received. you understood my game better than anyone i have ever met, and for that i commend you. ive always said that this game is FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS. i say it every day before i go to sleep, and then i light the candles in front of my DOTA 2 shrine. i'm so excited for blizzard to pick up this title and release it as a world of warcraft expansion pack. remember to create a GAMINGFORGAMERS dot com account, only $17 a month to keep up to date with all my extreme game development in my multi million dollar games company, of which i am the CEO. thanks for your review, keep up the gaming. GAME ON!!!


You can jump on all the tents, but not the one with the band. :( Perhaps even worse, you can't jump on the whale that goes swimming by. :(( I was very sad.

Still, being able to jump on things reminds me of my favorite parts of games like Half Life where you find, perhaps unintentional, playgrounds.

But overall the game was very cheerful and I teared up a little when I got to terry. I don't know why, but the tertel was just, so adorable. Score: 4/5 stars star FISH.

I would very much like to buy terry's ortobiografi. Is it on Kindle with...SEA ink? That's all I got, thanks.


everyone knows that whales dont like being jumped on!! they are sensitive creatures who are afraid of human feet. thank you for your review-- regarding terry's book you'll just have to go into the ocean and find him for a copy

I love the smell of fish in the morning. heres gameplay of me experiencing it

excellent job you won the game!! thnx for playing

SO CUTE!!!!!


Omg this is cute! I love all the puns. :D

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thanks!!!! :^)