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I could play you games for ever. <3


I want to join the bin cult! Where is the recruiting office?


wow. I really like your games. They are very cute and fun

I love em! bias is bug game haha :D


quality game


haha these are so cute and silly! it was really fun playing them :P

A cute collection of minigames! There were some really interesting concepts (Who is the Bin Cult, what are their goals, why are you taking pictures of bugs, where's Nando's?) and I hope to see more content from you in the future!


I REALLY enjoyed these! I thought the end of Bin was really funny, and think you should do more of these. You could name it "Three More Games".

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know I played your games, and I really enjoyed them. I really love your art style. So thank you for making these games ^^ 

nice games  :D

LOL Oh god I remember seeing the trash can lady on Twitter. Amazing

Good stuff tbh.  Good stuff.

I love these! Witch game is my fav but I like them all.

On my mac, bug game had a bug* - it only showed one photo at the end. On windows it showed all the photos.

* do you see what i did there

I dig your style.

I liked the witch game the most. I just felt maybe the games need more of a story and effects. I didn't have an option to exit the game either. I really do love the art style though.